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Can Dogs Miss People?

Category: Dog FAQ
A dog can cry or grieve of someone they have bonded to for the loss of that person or the absence of that person for a period of time. You can tell if a dog misses someone if they are chewing on your possessions or staring at the door for a period of time. Dog’s emotionally attached to someone will have hurt feelings when someone they like is not present for any period of time.

Why Do Dogs Lick You?

Category: Dog FAQ
A dog will show its affection for you by licking you. A dog will also show this same natural action behavior to other dogs that he likes. Other reasons a dog will lick you are for taste, communication, for a reward/attention, to show submission, a medical reason, enjoyment, grooming or simply to investigate.

Why Do Dogs Act Crazy After A Bath?

Category: Dog FAQ
Baths are stressful for a dog. A dog will engage in hyperactivity often after a bath. A dog shakes, has zoomies or has FRAP(Frenetic random activity periods) to relieve stress and excess energy in order to try to return to a more normal scent. After a short period of hyperactivity, the dog realizes that running around is fun and the dog is not agitated anymore.

Training Your Dog With Treats

Category: Dog FAQ
Train your dog using command words by showing the dog the treat when you are giving the command. Make sure your command words are one word. Whether you have to guide your dog into the position you want or the dog reacts correctly to the command, give him the treat immediately to associate that action with the reward. Train your dog one command at a time. As he learns one command, you can teach your dog more commands.

How To Offer Your Dog Treats

Category: Dog FAQ
Treats will help you bond with your dog. Offer your dog treats to reward good behavior and to train him. Be sure to offer treats at its mouth or chest level to discourage jumping and make sure your dog takes the treat gently. When offering treats, make sure it is in smaller pieces. You can buy treats or make treats yourself. You may need to experiment to find out which treats the dog likes the best. One rule is to not over treat your dog to keep them in good physical shape and not get overweight.

How Often Should You Bathe Your Dog?

Category: Dog FAQ
Bathing your dog once a month is sufficient if your dog has a healthy coat and normal skin. Groom your dog first before bathing to comb out any matted hair. It is best to wash your dog in a tub or shower using warm water and a gentle dog specific shampoo or with a medicated shampoo if they have an underlying skin condition or allergies. Never bathe your dog more than once a week because this can irritate and dry out their skin plus damage their fur.

How To Teach Your Dog To Use The Bathroom Outside

Category: Dog FAQ
Train your dog to relieve himself outside instead of inside the house. Start by putting your dog on a routine. Feed your dog at the same times every day. After you feed your dog, take him outside at a designated spot to use the bathroom everytime he needs to relieve himself. After the dog relieves himself, praise him and give him dog a treat for doing the right thing. If your dog does use the bathroom inside, still stick to your routine and just clean up the mess. Punishing a dog for using the bathroom inside will only make him afraid of you.

Vitamins And Supplements For Your Dog

Category: Dog FAQ
Pet foods for dogs are made to meet all of your pets basic nutritional requirements. If you think your pet needs additional nutritional support to address any health problems or just want to keep your pet as healthy as possible, you should start giving your pet additional vitamins and supplements.

Taking Care Of Your Cat

Category: Cat FAQ
Prepare your home for your cat to make your cat feel at ease. Make sure you have all the essentials necessary to care for your cat. For starters you will need at least cat food and water bowls, food and treats, litter boxes and litter, cat brushes, cat bed, cat scratching posts, cat carriers and much more.

Does Your Dog Have Fleas Or Ticks?

Category: Dog FAQ
Determine if your dog have fleas or ticks. If your pet is excessively shaking it’s head, redness when grooming, scratching a lot, chewing a lot, losing hair, developing scabs or hot spots, it has fleas or ticks. There are several solutions in ridding your pet of fleas or ticks.
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