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Innovet Pet Products was started in 2005 with a goal of offering innovative solutions to pet health issues when veterinary services could not provide an answer. The company offers high quality effective, environmentally friendly and affordable solutions to problems pet owners may be having with their pets. Total product transparency is provided so you can make the best decision about their products for your pet. Innovet Pet Products is able to out match the competition in all aspects of product development with 100% satisfaction.

The Anxious Pet

Pets can have anxiety just like people can. Anxious dogs or cats can create anxious pet owners. To avoid being anxious yourself, you first need to calm the anxiousness in your pet. The Anxious Pet has come up with a solution for anxious pet with a product line of veterinarian formulated and lab tested calming products for your pet. The Anxious Pet is focused on helping pets and their owners live happier and more peaceful lives. Your pet’s safety is The Anxious Pet’s top priority by testing and evaluating their products at every step of the creative process. Formulated with only the purest ingredients and implementing the latest scientific data in their products, you can be assured of the finest quality products possible. All orders come with a 60 day money back guarantee.

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