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Chilly Dog Peach Fairisle Dog Sweater, X-Large

Category: m-dog-sweaters-hoodies
Brand: Chilly Dog
Store: Chewy

Chilly Dog Peach Fairisle Dog Sweater, X-Large; If your furry friend is a real peach, a Chilly Dog Peach Fair Isle Dog Sweater will let the whole world know! This handsome peach-colored sweater with its stylish pattern will keep him fashionable while also keeping him snug and warm in cold weather. It’s made from 100% natural and organic wool so it’s breathable, non-allergenic and dirt-resistant. Sourced from small Andean farms, the wool is also fair trade and completely renewable. All the dyes are natural too, made from plants and fruits — no artificial colors, chemicals or plastics of any kind. So both you and your cozy pet can hold your heads high.

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