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Dogipot Aluminum Dog Waste Station & Receptacle

Category: m-dog-waste-disposal
Brand: Dogipot
Store: Chewy

Dogipot Aluminum Dog Waste Station & Receptacle; Take the lead and help pet owners go green with the Dogipot Aluminum Dog Waste Station & Receptacle. These durable aluminum waste stations are perfect for use in pet-friendly community spaces such as parks, apartment complexes, outdoor areas around veterinary offices and more. Each station includes a bag dispenser that stores two rolls of 200-count Dogipot Smart Litter Dog Poop Pick Up Bags and a lidded waste receptacle. The bold, clear signage alerts pet owners about the dangers of animal waste pollution and encourages them to keep your pet-friendly space clean. By providing an accessible and simple clean-up option, you can help prevent the spread of disease and promote a clean and happy community!

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