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Eyenimal Deluxe Inground Dog Fence System

Category: m-dog-fence-accessories
Brand: Eyenimal
Store: Chewy

Eyenimal Deluxe Inground Dog Fence System; From escaping the yard to digging in the garden, the Eyenimal Deluxe In Ground Dog Fence can help prevent your curious canine from doing the things he’s not supposed to do. To begin using the fence you’ll first need to install antenna wire around your chosen perimeter, either digging it into the ground or displaying it onto existing fences. The wire will carry a radio signal that connects to the receiver on the included collar, beeping when your pet gets too close to the barrier and eventually creating a static stimulation if he’s gone too far. This safe but uncomfortable sensation continues until your furry friend is back in his designated fenced-in area, helping to keep him safe and secure during his outdoor adventures.

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