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Farnam Trap ‘N Toss Fly Trap, 3 count

Category: m-horse-insect-control
Brand: Farnam
Store: Chewy

Farnam Trap ‘N Toss Fly Trap, 3 count; Take control of that pesky fly problem with the Farnam Trap ‘N Toss Fly Trap. This disposable fly trap contains a special attractant to entice and trap flies, mosquitoes, gnats and more. The disposable trap is great for outdoor pond spaces or any other areas where flies congregate, and the versatile design can either be hung or placed on the ground. Made of break-resistant plastic, this trap is sure to endure the elements and can hold over 10,000 flies before needing to be replaced. Since this trap doesn’t use insecticide, it’s safe to be used around pets and livestock. And, best of all, this trap is easy-to-use, just squeeze in attractant and add water—no more messy jars or traps to clean!