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Farnam Wipe Fly Spray with Citornella, 32-oz bottle

Category: m-horse-insect-control
Brand: Farnam
Store: Chewy

Farnam Wipe Fly Spray with Citornella, 32-oz bottle; Stop those pesky flies from annoying your horses with Farnam Wipe Fly Spray with Citronella. Citronella is a non-toxic and natural ingredient that works to repel insects. This unique spray keeps insects away with the citronella scent, and kills any bugs that aren’t immediately deterred by the fragrance. Keep your stable protected from horse, house, stable and deer flies, gnats and mosquitoes with this convenient product. The versatile formula can be applied via spray or wiped-on to remove dirt and dandruff from your horse’s coat, keeping him looking and feeling his best. Apply this spray directly to your horse for long-lasting protection, or to the stable area to quickly kill flies in the vicinity.