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Frisco Non-Skid Slow Feeder Dog & Small Pet Bowl, Black

Category: m-dog-bowls-diners
Brand: Frisco
Store: Chewy

Frisco Non-Skid Slow Feeder Dog & Small Pet Bowl, Black; Your pup should avoid fast food, so help him eat more slowly. This slow feeder is made with a puzzle-like design that has ridges on its surface, to get your pup to take his time when he eats. That means less gulping and more time actually enjoying his food. Slow feeders may help support digestive health and help dogs feel fuller by lengthening mealtime. Easy-to-grip sides make moving it around easy, and the non-slip rubber base help it stay out. Plus, the base is made of BPA-free, premium plastic that’s also dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup.

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