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Habitrail OVO Hamster Habitat Extension, U-Turn

Category: m-smallpet-habitat-expansions
Brand: Habitrail
Store: Chewy

Habitrail OVO Hamster Habitat Extension, U-Turn; With a Habitrail OVO Hamster Habitat Extension, you can add extra space and spots to climb, burrow or rest. The design is up to you with numerous extensions, connecting units and hangout spots to choose from. Each piece securely locks into place and features air vents for circulation to keep your pet’s habitat fresh. The Cube and Tee pieces let you build strong horizontal or vertical designs, and the Tee also lets you add a water bottle. You can also give your pet’s habitat a few twists and turns with the U-Turn and Curve accessories. Block off unused pathways with the Window or add length with a Tube. The Tower and Den are unique additions that give your hamster a cozy place to hide or sleep. The Lock Connector pack allows you to attach each of these accessories quickly and easily.