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Habitrail OVO Hamster Home, Blue

Category: m-smallpet-habitats
Brand: Habitrail
Store: Chewy

Habitrail OVO Hamster Home, Blue; The Habitrail OVO Hamster Home is a complete hamster habitat with plenty of amenities to satisfy a hamster’s need to explore and stay active. It comes equipped with a main home unit, food dish, water bottle, hideaway cubes and a trainer wheel. The quiet exercise wheel gives your hamster a place to run at any time of day or night without creating a noisy disturbance. He can crawl into, explore and hide out in the play cubes. The retractable roof opens for easy access and locks into place with secure front and back locks. The Habitrail OVO Hamster Home is ventilated to keep it fresh and features a deep base and rounded corners that make it easier to clean and maintain.