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Hertzko Electronic Dog & Cat Nail Grinder with USB Charger

Category: m-dog-grooming-tools
Brand: Hertzko
Store: Chewy

Hertzko Electronic Dog & Cat Nail Grinder with USB Charger; Put down the nail clippers and pick up the Hertzko Electronic Nail Grinder with USB Charger. Because let’s face it, most animals don’t enjoy nail grooming, and this tool is designed to make it as pleasurable as possible. Using a Diamond Bit Grinder, it’s safer and more effective than a traditional clipper because it reduces the risk of going too short. And since it comes with three size openings to accommodate all pet sizes, you only need one, even in a multi-pet household. The super mute motor gives off little noise and vibration, which puts animals at ease so you can quickly get it over with and go back to the fun stuff.