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Hikari Bio-Gold Betta Fish Food, 0.70-oz pouch

Category: m-fish-food-food
Brand: Hikari
Store: Chewy

Hikari Bio-Gold Betta Fish Food, 0.70-oz pouch; Nourish your finned friends with the scientifically-proven, premium-quality nutrition of Hikari Bio-Gold Betta Fish Food. Featuring a protein-rich formula, these perfectly-sized, floating pellets provide an optimally-balanced, highly-palatable diet for all types of bettas and their high-stress nature. Considered the quality leader in aquatic nutrition for decades, Hikari devotes a significant amount of time, money and resources into studying the dietary needs and preferences of fish in both their natural environments and in aquatic laboratory settings to determine the precise balance of nutrients they need in order to thrive in captivity.

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