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Hush Plush On/Off Squeaker Shark Plush Dog Toy, Large

Category: m-dog-toys-toys
Brand: Hush Plush
Store: Chewy

Hush Plush On/Off Squeaker Shark Plush Dog Toy, Large; Let’s go hunt! This Shark Plush dog toy from Hush Plush is locked and loaded with more than just irresistible cuteness—it’s made with a durable thermoplastic rubber (TPR) squeaker unlike any other. That’s because it comes equipped with an exclusive switch which allows you to turn the squeak on, or completely shut it down. Simply push the end for a boisterous game, or pull it out for cuddle time and gentle play. With a TPR tail and squishable body, this Hush Plush toy really gives your pal some-fin to talk about!

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