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Labra Lightweight Dog Hock Brace, X-Large

Category: m-dog-first-aid
Brand: Labra
Store: Chewy

Labra Lightweight Dog Hock Brace, X-Large; Your furry friend will tell you, arthritis is really ruff — so provide some relief with a Labra Lightweight Dog Hock Brace. Arthritis in her rear hock joint (the canine equivalent to your ankle) is not only painful, it can significantly limit her mobility and quality of life. This high-quality compression wrap stabilizes and supports the joint, easing her discomfort and enabling her to move in ways that would otherwise be too painful. It’s lightweight enough to provide just-right support without being too noticeable or confining. At the same time, its sturdy neoprene fabric is flexible enough to allow maximum freedom of movement. And that means more happy tail wagging all around.

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