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Lixit Chinchilla Dust Bath, 13-oz jar

Category: m-smallpet-dust-baths
Brand: Lixit
Store: Chewy

Lixit Chinchilla Dust Bath, 13-oz jar; Help keep your chinchilla healthy and groomed with the Lixit Chinchilla Dust Bath. Dust baths are essential for chinchillas because not only do they help keep their coats clean, healthy and lush, but they also help alleviate stress! This special formula is known as beauty dust and rightly so, thanks to the aluminum silicate powder, which is sustainably mined in the USA and 100% free from limestone, glass and sand. Once your little one enjoys rolling around, the dust will easily shake out of her fur, leaving a luxurious finish and feel. Lixit’s Chinchilla Dust Bath can also be used by other small animals like degus, gerbils and hamsters!

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