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Microbe-Lift Oxy Pond Cleaner, 2-lb container

Category: m-fish-algaecides-clarity
Brand: Microbe-Lift
Store: Chewy

Microbe-Lift Oxy Pond Cleaner, 2-lb container; Use Microbe-Lift’s Oxy Pond Cleaner to help remove unsightly debris and odors from your pond, stream or waterfall! This solution is made in the USA and uses Oxygen Power to oxidize and detoxify the water, planters and rocks in your pond. When used weekly, Microbe-Lift’s Oxy Pond Cleaner can help reduce the effort that often accompanies draining your pond. Use it to spot-treat light-to-heavy amounts of debris, so your pond can stay in tip-top condition for your pets and your house guests!

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