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Oster Equine Care Horse Hoof Pick, Blue

Category: m-horse-horseshoes-part-tools
Brand: Oster
Store: Chewy

Oster Equine Care Horse Hoof Pick, Blue; The Oster Equine Care Horse Hoof Pick will be the most-used tool in your grooming kit. A horse’s hooves should be picked out before and after riding on a daily basis. The metal hook scrapes the soles of the hooves to keep them clean and free of mud, manure, rocks and snow. This is an important part of grooming and the easy way to avoid thrush and stone bruises. The Oster Equine Care Hoof Pick is made from stainless steel that resists rust and won’t break when pressure is applied. It’s strong, durable and reliable, and fits easily into your pocket for convenience.