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Pet Fit For Life Wand & LED Laser Combo Cat Toy

Category: m-cat-toys-toys
Brand: Pet Fit For Life
Store: Chewy

Pet Fit For Life Wand & LED Laser Combo Cat Toy; You can get your kitty moving with the Cat Wand/LED Combo cat toy from Pet Fit for Life—an exciting baton that combines a feather, worm attachment, bird sounds and a laser light. Use it as a traditional cat wand with two replaceable attachments, or use one of its distinctive, interactive features. With a rechargeable LED pointer in the base, you can engage your feline’s instinct to stalk, chase and catch prey with her paws. Push the “call to action” button and you can add bird noises to the mix—attracting and engaging your cat. It’s great way to bond with your BFF and keep her active, whether she’s an energetic kitten or a lovable senior.

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