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PetNC Natural Care Hairball Reduction Cat Soft Chews, 90 count

Category: m-cat-vitamins-supplements
Brand: PetNC Natural Care
Store: Chewy

PetNC Natural Care Hairball Reduction Cat Soft Chews, 90 count; If you’re a cat parent, you’ve probably caught your feline friend spending several hours a day cleaning her fur. But, when your cat grooms, she swallows loose hair, which can lead to slobbery hairballs scattered around your house. With the Natural Care Hairball Reduction soft chews from PetNC, you can help reduce the mess—and you can do it with one, tasty treat! Because these soft chews do more than provide your cat with a scrumptious snack. Each chew provides lubricating support that helps prevent hairballs from forming in the first place, allowing your cat’s digestive system to pass excess hair naturally. So, those little stowaways end up in the litter box, your kitty doesn’t end up with a hacking cough, and you don’t end up with a new mess to clean up. It’s a winning hand for everyone!

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