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The Blissful Dog Bulldog Nose Butter, 2-oz

Category: m-dog-creams-rinses
Brand: The Blissful Dog
Store: Chewy

The Blissful Dog Bulldog Nose Butter, 2-oz; Keep your pup’s snout looking and sniffing good with Bulldog Nose Butter from the Blissful Dog. Bulldogs are prone to Nasal Hyperkeratosis, which causes your dog’s nose to thicken and become excessively hard, and this butter moisturizes and conditions his beak. It is full of rich butters and oils to penetrate your companion’s nose tissue and is safe for sniffers of all ages. Canines rely heavily on their sense of smell and don’t function well with dry or rough noses. The Blissful Dog Bulldog Nose Butter can help with all levels of dryness to get your paw-tner back to sniffing like he should.

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