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TopDog Health Flexerna Omega Liquid Dog Supplement, 8-oz bottle

Category: m-dog-vitamins-supplements
Brand: TopDog Health
Store: Chewy

TopDog Health Flexerna Omega Liquid Dog Supplement, 8-oz bottle; Help keep your pooch’s joints in tip top shape at any age with the TopDog Health Flexerna Omega Liquid Dog Supplement. This liquid, easy-to-give formula is specifically formulated to nourish doggy joints, with a unique blend of pure, raw New Zealand green lipped mussel oil rich in eicosapentaenoic acid—a unique omega-3 fatty acid with scientifically proven benefits. New Zealand green lipped mussels are sustainably harvested from pristine waters, and a patented extraction process keeps the oil fresh and ultra-pure with every pump. The all-ages formula can be given to senior dogs to help maintain comfy mobility, very active dogs that could use the joint boost, and even puppies. Best thing, you can use less of it than you’d need with fish oil, and dogs love the flavor!

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