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Unipaws 2-Panel Dog Gate Extension, Walnut

Category: m-dog-gates
Brand: Unipaws
Store: Chewy

Unipaws 2-Panel Dog Gate Extension, Walnut; Keep your canines corralled yet comfortable with the Unipaws 2-Panel Dog Gate Extension. Intended for use in front of entryways, rooms, and staircases, this freestanding dog gate is paw-fect for blocking off areas to make sure your pup stays put when you need him to. It even extends up to 44-inches wide, while being sturdy enough to keep pets from roaming around the house. The special 360-degree hinges ensure its flexibility for different configurations depending on your interior needs. Plus, you can easily attach it to a Unipaws Configurable Gate (sold separately) for more length or a large playpen! Fold up this lightweight gate for easy storage or relocation.