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Unipaws 6-Panel Freestanding Wire Dog Gate

Category: m-dog-gates
Brand: Unipaws
Store: Chewy

Unipaws 6-Panel Freestanding Wire Dog Gate; Keep your canines corralled yet comfortable with the Unipaws 6-Panel Freestanding Wire Dog Gate Extension. Intended for use in front of large entryways or open spaces, this freestanding dog gate is paw-fect for blocking off areas to make sure your pup stays put when you need him to. It even has the ability to be set up in a rectangle or hexagon as a convenient playpen—sturdy dual hinges aid in maintaining a configuration that keeps pets from roaming around the house. Plus, rubber pads on the bottom of the gate prevent scratches and scuffs while keeping it stable and in place. Maintain visible boundaries in your home by adding this seamless design to your decor.

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