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Ware Corrugated Cat Scratcher Toy Replacement with Catnip

Category: m-cat-toys-toys
Brand: Ware
Store: Chewy

Ware Corrugated Cat Scratcher Toy Replacement with Catnip; Your favorite feline deserves a safe outlet to exercise his claws—so give him the Corrugated Double Reversible Scratcher Replacement. Scratching is an instinctual behavior that helps cats mark their territory, tone muscles, stretch, reduce stress and promote healthy nail growth. Designed to fit with the Scratch-n-bed, Sit-n-Scratch Double and the Scratch-n-TV, this corrugated scratcher replacement is recyclable, compostable and biodegradable—so it’s just as healthy for the planet as it is your cat’s nails. Best of all, once the scratching surface starts to break down, you can simply flip the insert over! It may even deter your cat from using your furniture.

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