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How To Discipline Your Dog?

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One thing you should not do is hit or spank your dog. Physical forced discipline can cause your dog to become insecure and fearful. If you need to discipline your dog, it should be within 5 seconds after the infraction to not confuse the dog as to why he is being punished. When discplining your dog, be immediate, consistent, try verbal and nonverbal commands, be firm but not abusive and take into account your dog’s emotional state and discipline approprately as to not scare or confuse the dog. Try to manipulate your dog when disciplining him into the behavior you want, use positive reinforcement, treats plus use training collars aids.

What Are The Best Commands To Teach Your Dog?

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There are many commands you can teach your dog. First you want to teach your dog the most basic commands and easiest to learn before you engage in more difficult commands. When training your dog the four most important commands, sit, down, stay and come, you will lure your dog to perform these commands with a treat and after the dog has successfully performed the command, reassure your dog by petting him and praising him.

What Are The 7 Basic Dog Commands?

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When you give a verbal command to a dog it should be combined with a visual motion. The first command, sit, is the easiest for a dog to learn. Just say sit and point down with your finger. Second is down or lay down. The dog becomes immobile. Third is Stay. This is essential to keep the dog from wandering into dangerous situations like a street. Fourth is come. Train your dog to come to you regardless of the activity the dog is engage in. Fifth is heel. Teaching a dog to walk next to you at your pace is for control of the dog and to keep the dog from running from you. Sixth is off. You want to keep your dog off of places it is not supposed to be like furniture. Seventh is no. Keep the dog from doing things it is not supposed to do.

Is Dominance Training An Unnecessary Dog Training Technique Today?

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There is a lot of disagreement on whether dominance dog training is ethical. Mainly you must show your dog that you are the alpha and the dog must essentially be subservient to you in every way. It is believed by some experts that all dogs want to be the alpha in any relationship whether it is with other dogs or dog and pet owner. They believe you may need to use punishment on the dog if you want to succeed in being the alpha over the dog. Many also believe this dominant trait in dogs has evolved out of their evolution and it is not necessary to punish the dog or engage in dominant dog training.

How To Bond With Your Dog With Relationship Based Training?

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Bonding with your dog is beneficial in achieving an obedient dog. The most important thing is to spend more time with your dog by sharing experiences and strengthing your relationship through enjoyable activities. Be consistent in your training commands, do not confuse your dog. Make sure dog always has healthy and tasty food. You should remain calm and do not lose your temper at your dog. Pet your dog often and try to understand it’s likes and dislikes and body language.

Is Model Rival Training For Dogs Effective?

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Dogs are social animals and should be trained from social stimuli. Conceptually you are trying to train dogs to associate words with objects. Using the trainer, the dog and a rival person. This training technique uses a model, or a rival for attention, to demonstrate the desired behavior and can be either good or bad. The rival is either scolded or praised as an example to the dog.

Is Electronic Training Good For Dogs?

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In electronic training, dogs are remotely sent signals to teach them the difference between good behavior and bad behavior. There different e-collars that can be used to send signals to your dog such as by a tone, vibration or a stimulating sensation to your dog. Electronic collars or shock collars are controversial in the debate whether they are painful or not to the dog. Either way they have been proven to be an effective method in training a dog.

How Do You Train Your Dog With A Clicker?

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Using a clicker to train your dog is the same as positive reinforcement training. Mainly you use a clicker at the moment your dog has done something worth rewarding. Not when your dog has done something wrong or incorrect. Training sessions with your dog should be in short periods of 3 to 10 minutes. Longer sessions tend to bore the dog and cause him to be unattentive. Start by giving your dog a treat after every time you click the clicker. You dog will start to associate the clicker with a treat. The best age to clicker train your dog is when they are a puppy at least 6 weeks old but it is never too late.

Brain Training For Dogs

This system is designed to develop your dog’s hidden intelligence to eliminate bad behavior and create a more obedient pet. This system addresses the root cause of your dog’s bad behavior with enough mental stimulation to make the problem behaviors go away quickly. With the right mental stimulation, your dog’s brain is capable of molding and changing to learn new habits and behaviors and become a more obedient pet. Your dog will listen to you and better understand what you are trying to tell him. Bad behaviors will disappear and more desirable behaviors will appear in their place. In this system, you will get a simple to follow, tailored solution to many behavior problems such as potty training, aggression, jumping, digging, whining, chewing, barking, impulse control, hyperactivity, ignoring your commands and much more.

Cat Spraying No More

Cat Spraying No More offers a solution to your cat spraying issues. First you need to understand why your cat is doing what it is doing and how to bring about a peaceful solution to fix the problem. Even if a cat does use his litter box, a cat will sometimes turn to other areas of the house to spray. Cat Spraying No More explains why the behavior is occurring and what to do about it. This tutorial outlines a system for owners to follow, based on their specific situation, so results are targeted and more effective. Depending on each scenario, there are detailed step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow with reassurance and support. With this tutorial, you can end the unnecessary times you have to put in to clean the carpet because the cat decided to spray out of his litter box. You will enjoy a home free of smell. An affordable and easy system to follow. Nothing in this system is overly expensive or difficult to execute. It also comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.

Pet Krewe

Pet Krew’s dog and cat costumes and toys are to be enjoyed by pets and as entertainment for pet owners. Top quality and creativity is dealt into every costume and item to ensure fun for all. A large variety of costumes for your dog or cat awaits your choice. You will find costumes disguising your dog or cat as a cowboy, sailor, unicorn, shark, lion, birthday pet, Sesame Street character, pirate, halloween and many more. Returns are accepted up to 30 days from the date you received your order and all US orders qualify for free shipping.


Kitty Kick Stix was founded in 2012 by huge cat lovers located in San Clemente, CA. Kitty Kick Stix offers the softest, most durable, and cat-nipiest catnip kicker toy anywhere today. Each toy manufactured uses only the highest quality fabric to ensure flexibility and durability in the toy with the freshest organic catnip and softest fiber cotton. Kitty Kick Stix provides your cat a healthy treat and beneficial exercise. Toys are cut, sewn, and packed with 100% USA grown organic cat nip. Many different handmade fabric sizes and styles are available and usually shipped within 2 business days.


Founded in 2017, Cheerble is focused on bringing smart products to pets to explore new ways of interactions between pets and pet owners. Cheerble offers and makes smart pet gadgets with the goal to cheer pets up and have more fun. For example Cheerble offers a smart bone that interacts with the dog depending on where the dog touches the bone and the pet owner can control the dog bone any way he wants by using an app that comes with the smart item. Cheerble transfers complicated technology into easy to use smart pet gadgets. By name, some of the more smart products are Wicked Ball, Cheerble Board Game, KittySpring Waterer, Ice Cream Ball and Candy Brush. Orders over $35 enjoy free standard shipping worldwide.

Pure Earth Pets

Their goal is to provide your pets with earth friendly toys and eliminate the over 300 million pounds of plastic products generated for pets each year. Pure Earth Pets was born to service your pets with enviromentally conscience items with a monthly subscription box each month. Each subscription box is filled with sustainable toys, treats and other goodies for your pet. Pure Pet Earth only works with small USA local companies that have your pet and the planet in mind that offer products made in the USA. With the monthly subscription, you will be introduced constantly to new innovative items for your pet. Constant research on sustainable products and natural treats is done so you don’t have to. Start by choosing which plan you want to subscribe to from 1 to 12 months. Free shipping the next business of your order. Each box you receive will contain all natura treats, environmentally friendly sustainable toys and more.


WOpet was founded in 2015 with the belief that every pet deserves a long and healthy life full of happiness and love. WOpet supplies a variety of unique advanced technology products. With Smartfeeders, you can program with your smartphone when your dog or cat eats at whatever times or intervals you set. Smart cameras and microphones and speakers allow you to watch or listen to your dog or communicate with your dog anytime. They also offer specialized water fountains, nail grinders and many more ingenius accessories. Free shipping and every product has a warranty.

Woof Blankets

Their mission is to spread the sunshine with a super soft, customized fleece blanket with your pet’s face on it. We create a unique, top quality fleece ultra soft blanket with your dog’s face on it using state-of-the-art technology. All you need to do to get started take a picture of your dog with your smartphone and upload it to their system. View the blanket choices available online and choose the blanket you want your dog’s image on. After the artists have prepared, you will choose between several previews or make further revisions to the image before you submit your approval for an image. Now all you would do is just wait for delivery of your newly customized fleece blanket with your pet’s face on it.

The Anxious Pet

Innovet Pet Products was started in 2005 with a goal of offering innovative solutions to pet health issues when veterinary services could not provide an answer. The company offers high quality effective, environmentally friendly and affordable solutions to problems pet owners may be having with their pets. Total product transparency is provided so you can make the best decision about their products for your pet. Innovet Pet Products is able to out match the competition in all aspects of product development with 100% satisfaction.