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How To Discipline Your Dog?

One thing you should not do is hit or spank your dog. Physical forced discipline can cause your dog to become insecure and fearful. If you need to discipline your dog, it should be within 5 seconds after the infraction to not confuse the dog as to why he is being punished. When disciplining your dog, be immediate, consistent, try verbal and nonverbal commands, be firm but not abusive and take into account your dog’s emotional state and discipline appropriately as to not scare or confuse the dog. Try to manipulate your dog when disciplining him into the behavior you want, use positive reinforcement, treats plus use training collars aids.

What Are The Best Commands To Teach Your Dog?

There are many commands you can teach your dog. First you want to teach your dog the most basic commands and easiest to learn before you engage in more difficult commands. When training your dog, the four most important commands, sit, down, stay and come, you will lure your dog to perform these commands with a treat and after the dog has successfully performed the command, reassure your dog by petting him and praising him.

What Are The 7 Basic Dog Commands?

When you give a verbal command to a dog it should be combined with a visual motion. The first command, sit, is the easiest for a dog to learn. Just say sit and point down with your finger. Second is down or lay down. The dog becomes immobile. Third is Stay. This is essential to keep the dog from wandering into dangerous situations like a street. Fourth is come. Train your dog to come to you regardless of the activity the dog is engage in. Fifth is heel. Teaching a dog to walk next to you at your pace is for control of the dog and to keep the dog from running from you. Sixth is off. You want to keep your dog off of places it is not supposed to be like furniture. Seventh is no. Keep the dog from doing things it is not supposed to do.

Is Dominance Training An Unnecessary Dog Training Technique Today?

There is a lot of disagreement on whether dominance dog training is ethical. Mainly you must show your dog that you are the alpha and the dog must essentially be subservient to you in every way. It is believed by some experts that all dogs want to be the alpha in any relationship whether it is with other dogs or dog and pet owner. They believe you may need to use punishment on the dog if you want to succeed in being the alpha over the dog. Many also believe this dominant trait in dogs has evolved out of their evolution and it is not necessary to punish the dog or engage in dominant dog training.

How To Bond With Your Dog With Relationship Based Training?

Bonding with your dog is beneficial in achieving an obedient dog. The most important thing is to spend more time with your dog by sharing experiences and strengthening your relationship through enjoyable activities. Be consistent in your training commands, do not confuse your dog. Make sure dog always has healthy and tasty food. You should remain calm and do not lose your temper at your dog. Pet your dog often and try to understand it’s likes and dislikes and body language.

Is Model Rival Training For Dogs Effective?

Dogs are social animals and should be trained from social stimuli. Conceptually you are trying to train dogs to associate words with objects. Using the trainer, the dog and a rival person. This training technique uses a model, or a rival for attention, to demonstrate the desired behavior and can be either good or bad. The rival is either scolded or praised as an example to the dog.

Is Electronic Training Good For Dogs?

In electronic training, dogs are remotely sent signals to teach them the difference between good behavior and bad behavior. There different e-collars that can be used to send signals to your dog such as by a tone, vibration or a stimulating sensation to your dog. Electronic collars or shock collars are controversial in the debate whether they are painful or not to the dog. Either way they have been proven to be an effective method in training a dog.

How To Effectively Use Motivational Training On Your Dog?

You are basically trying to get your dog to react when you give them a command. You do not want your dog to anticipate or act independently and do something you did not ask him to do. You want your dog to hear your command, then only react to what you commanded him to do. Only if your dog acts correctly do you reward him.

How Do You Train Your Dog With A Clicker?

Using a clicker to train your dog is the same as positive reinforcement training. Mainly you use a clicker at the moment your dog has done something worth rewarding. Not when your dog has done something wrong or incorrect. Training sessions with your dog should be in short periods of 3 to 10 minutes. Longer sessions tend to bore the dog and cause him to be un-attentive. Start by giving your dog a treat after every time you click the clicker. You dog will start to associate the clicker with a treat. The best age to clicker train your dog is when they are a puppy at least 6 weeks old but it is never too late.

What Is The Koehler Method To Train A Dog?

The Koehler Method allows a dog to choose its actions in an attempt to empower the dog. It enhances a dog’s learned behavior an act of choice based on what the dog has learned from its own experience. It trains your dog to follow you in the direction with or without a leash plus other commands such as sit, down, stand, stay and more.

What Are Some Top Methods For Training A Dog?

Before trying any method to train your dog, it is essential to understand your dog’s attributes and personality. Top methods by name are the Koehler Method, clicker training, motivational training, electronic training, model reival training, dominant training and relationship training.

Why Do Dogs Lick Their Paws?

When a dog licks his paws, it is usually a problem associated with allergies. Your dog could be affected by something they interact with such as grass, pesticides or plants. Other possibilities are the dog may have an injury, skin problems, something in his environment, parasites, certain foods, boredom or anxiety.

Can Dogs Miss People?

A dog can cry or grieve of someone they have bonded to for the loss of that person or the absence of that person for a period of time. You can tell if a dog misses someone if they are chewing on your possessions or staring at the door for a period of time. Dogs emotionally attached to someone will have hurt feelings when someone they like is not present for any period of time.

Why Do Dogs Lick You?

A dog will show its affection for you by licking you. A dog will also show this same natural action behavior to other dogs that he likes. Other reasons a dog will lick you are for taste, communication, for a reward/attention, to show submission, a medical reason, enjoyment, grooming or simply to investigate.

Why Do Dogs Act Crazy After A Bath?

Baths are stressful for a dog. A dog will engage in hyperactivity often after a bath. A dog shakes, has zoomies or has FRAP(Frenetic random activity periods) to relieve stress and excess energy in order to try to return to a more normal scent. After a short period of hyperactivity, the dog realizes that running around is fun and the dog is not agitated anymore.

Why Does A Dog Sometimes Still Stink After A Bath?

A dog sometimes still smells after a bath because you are giving your dog too many baths. Too many baths are removing natural oils from the dog’s skin and coat causing the dog’s glands to secrete more oils that attract dirt, grime and odor producing bacteria.
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