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Atopica (Cyclosporine) Capsules for Dogs, 30 capsules, 100-mg (33.1-64 lbs)

Category: m-pharm-medications
Brand: Atopica
Store: Chewy

Atopica (Cyclosporine) Capsules for Dogs, 30 capsules, 100-mg (33.1-64 lbs); Atopica is an oral solution prescribed to dogs who suffer from allergic dermatitis—a skin reaction caused by contact with an allergen. This is very common in canines with allergies, and can cause their skin to become uncomfortably itchy, red and scaly. Atopica targets the root of the problem to help relieve itching, so your companion no longer feels the need to incessantly scratch, rub or lick. Atopica can help provide your dog the relief she needs.

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