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Bones & Chews 6″ Compressed Rawhide Bone Dog Treats, 6ct

Category: m-dog-rawhide
Brand: Bones & Chews
Store: Chewy

Bones & Chews 6″ Compressed Rawhide Bone Dog Treats, 6ct; If your dog likes a denser, chewier texture, look no further. These high protein rawhide chews are made from compressed beef hide for a quality, dense texture your dog is bound to love. While your dog goes at it, these chews can help them find some relief from boredom, stress and anxiety by giving them a fun, chewy outlet. Plus, they make great between-brushing treats to help keep up their overall oral hygiene by scraping away tartar and freshening their breath while they chew. And with no artificial colors or flavors, these are chews you can feel good about!

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