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FORCE Nature’s Force Face & Body Horse Wipes, 40 count

Category: m-horse-first-aid
Brand: FORCE
Store: Chewy

FORCE Nature’s Force Face & Body Horse Wipes, 40 count; Help your neigh-bor fight back against annoying bugs with FORCE Nature’s Force Face & Body Horse Wipes. These convenient wipes are made with a blend of botanical oils and are crafted for use before or after outdoor adventures with your hooved buddy. Citronella oil functions as an insect repellant with antifungal properties that can help heal insect bites. Cedarwood oil and rosemary oil are included for their antibacterial properties and to help reduce skin irritations. Your cantering companion is sure to appreciate the freedom from annoying flies, gnats and other insects after you give him a quick wipe down.

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