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Mile Four Organic Layer Chicken & Duck Feed, 23-lb bag

Category: m-bird-food-food
Brand: Mile Four
Store: Chewy

Mile Four Organic Layer Chicken & Duck Feed, 23-lb bag; Keep your hens a-layin’ and your ducks happily quackin’ with the whole grain nutrition of Mile Four Organic Layer Feed Chickens & Duck Food. Mile Four feed is grown and milled in the Midwest, and this 16% layer protein formula is a complete ration made to promote egg production in laying hens. It provides high quality nutrients ideal for laying chickens, and ducks 20 weeks and up can be fed this versatile feed, as well. Perfect for fermenting, it contains whole grains without pellets, mash or crumble, plus it’s certified organic, non-GMO, and corn and soy meal-free. Your whole flock will thrive on this natural feed!

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