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Nature’s Miracle Miracle Hairball Cleaner Cat Spray, 32-oz bottle

Category: m-cat-cleaners-stain-removers
Brand: Nature’s Miracle
Store: Chewy

Nature’s Miracle Miracle Hairball Cleaner Cat Spray, 32-oz bottle; Help clean up after your cat companion with Nature’s Miracle Hairball Cleaner Cat Spray. This easy-to-use solution is specially formulated to help lift and separate deep stains caused by vomiting. It’s safe to use on carpets, fabrics, upholstery and hard surfaces making it the purr-fect household cleaning staple. Simply wipe away the initial mess, apply the Hairball Cleaner, let it work its magic for five minutes and blot it clean! While not designed for direct use on your pet, when stored and used as directed, this spray is safe for use around your pets and your home.

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