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The Anxious Pet

Pets can have anxiety just like people can. Anxious dogs or cats can create anxious pet owners. To avoid being anxious yourself, you first need to calm the anxiousness in your pet. The Anxious Pet has come up with a solution for anxious pet with a product line of veterinarian formulated and lab tested calming products for your pet. The Anxious Pet is focused on helping pets and their owners live happier and more peaceful lives. Your pet’s safety is The Anxious Pet’s top priority by testing and evaluating their products at every step of the creative process. Formulated with only the purest ingredients and implementing the latest scientific data in their products, you can be assured of the finest quality products possible. All orders come with a 60 day money back guarantee.

Raw Paws Pet Food

Raw Paws Pet Food has been around since 2014 and is located in Indianapolis, IN. Our goal is to provide your dog or cat with the healthiest pet foods, treats, chews, supplements and more. They believe a healthy pet is derived through quality nutrition through the highest quality products with the freshest ingredients. They accomplish this by sourcing their food only from local, responsible small family farms. In addition to supplements, Raw Paws provides a variety of pet toys and pet supplies making Raw Paws your one stop pet shopping source.


PetPlate learned the truth about how mass market pet food is made. PetPlate’s goal is to make better food for dogs so they can live longer, healthier and happier lives with their families. Their focus is on dog meal delivery tailored for your breed of dog taking into account quality of the dog food, safety concerns, science and development and highly palatable, perfectly balanced meals for your dog. PetPlate’s highly nutritionous dog food is packed with high-quality and whole food ingredients. You initially set up a plan and choose the prepared dog food you want and the frequency of delivery of the dog food to your home. To ensure safety after your pets dog food is cooked, it is flash frozen to lock in freshness. They offer a 100% money back guarantee.

CatsPlay Furniture

CatsPlay has been the cat furniture superstore since 2002. CatsPlay’s mission is to be the definitive web destination for cat owners offering the best selection of custom made and pre-manufactured cat furniture. CatsPlay provides the cat owner with affordable, fun and functional selection of customized, quality cat furniture from the leaders in the cat furniture industry. CatsPLay offers customizable cat houses and cat play gyms to please even the pickiest of cats. Custom orders are welcome in wide range of colors and sizes for all of their furniture. You will enjoy online secure ordering from a trusted brand with satisfaction guaranteed.

Pets Warehouse

It all started as a family run business with birds in 1974 and many years it is still going strong. One of the industry’s top pet retailers with the goal of taking care of every customer and make them number one. The genesis of the Pets Warehouse superstores serves all types of pets today like birds, dogs, cats, fish, reptiles, small animals and more. Their website is stocked with over 40,000 pet deals with sufficient information for you to decide what is best for your and your pet. Pets Warehouse is as enthusiastic about their pets as their customers are and are willing to go the extra mile to help you in your choices.

Keto Natural Pet Foods

KetoNatural believes that pet owners deserve a better diet for their dog besides what is currently available. KetoNatural goes against conventional wisdom on what a dog should eat to live a healthy lifestlye. Behind science, rationality facts, evidence, data and substance, KetoNatural aims to provide the most beneficial and healthiest dog food in the world. KetoNaural believes our pets deserve much better than the hand they have been dealt. KetoNatural’s goal is to reverse the increasing absurd determental public health problems dogs are trending towards. KetoNatural is continually improving it’s products by analyzing the collected evidence based nutritional information. Everything is scrutinized from the labeling, formulas and nutritional content to provide your dog with the healthiest choice.

Pet Wellbeing

Operating out of Crestwood Kentucky, Pet Wellbeing’s goal is to provide the pet owner with the best health information for your dog or cat. Focused on helping you make the best decisions for your dog or cat without needlessly wasting money on something that does not work. They have developed products by using data from many scientific research sources on herbs and food, hands on clinical experiences between veterinarians and their dog or cat patients. Formulas and products are constantly under review for improvement.

Can Dogs Miss People?

Category: Dog FAQ
A dog can cry or grieve of someone they have bonded to for the loss of that person or the absence of that person for a period of time. You can tell if a dog misses someone if they are chewing on your possessions or staring at the door for a period of time. Dog’s emotionally attached to someone will have hurt feelings when someone they like is not present for any period of time.

Why Do Dogs Lick You?

Category: Dog FAQ
A dog will show its affection for you by licking you. A dog will also show this same natural action behavior to other dogs that he likes. Other reasons a dog will lick you are for taste, communication, for a reward/attention, to show submission, a medical reason, enjoyment, grooming or simply to investigate.

Why Do Dogs Act Crazy After A Bath?

Category: Dog FAQ
Baths are stressful for a dog. A dog will engage in hyperactivity often after a bath. A dog shakes, has zoomies or has FRAP(Frenetic random activity periods) to relieve stress and excess energy in order to try to return to a more normal scent. After a short period of hyperactivity, the dog realizes that running around is fun and the dog is not agitated anymore.